About Motley

Motley Magazine is the student magazine of University College Cork. The magazine has a print run of 2,500 copies each month. Its readership includes the vast majority of UCC’s students, as well as staff and sizeable readership outside the university.

The magazine is written and edited entirely by students of the University and published by the Media Executive. It is run on a non-profit basis, funded by advertising revenue and distributed free of charge around the university campus.

Motley is UCC’s newest student publication, initially founded by the UCC Journalism Society in 2006 and now published by the SU Media Executive. The  full colour magazine covers everything from News & Current Affairs to Arts and Entertainment to Lifestyle & Fashion.

The magazine was awarded the UCC Society Innovation Award in 2007 and 2008 and was the recipient of UCC’s first Oxygen.ie Student Media Award for print media in UCC in 2007 also.

The magazine took a sabbatical in 2008/09 due to a naughty advertiser who never paid their bill, but is back like a force of nature and ready to keep you enthralled for 2010-11.

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