Fashion in Film

Fashion in Film: Statement Coats

Film: The Royal Tenenbaums

When: 2001

Who? Gwyneth Paltrow as troubled genius playwright Margot Tenenbaum

Style? Like her on screen siblings, the secretive Margot wears pretty much the same costume throughout. Her attire is a mix between that of a preppy child with striped sports dresses and juvenile hair clips and an uptown, old – moneyed society lady with furs, cigarettes, gloves and Birkin bag.

Coat? When Margot’s not mulling over life’s complexities in the bathtub, she’s bundled up in her lux toffee fur coat, ignoring her clueless husband and smoking shneaky ciggies.

Film:  The Graduate

When? 1967

Who? Anne Bancroft as the icy Mrs. Robinson who seduces the newly graduated Benjamin. (Dustin Hoffman)

Style?  The wardrobe of the rich and bored housewife turned seductress is devastatingly glamorous with slinky, sheer evening dresses, graphic print skirts in monochrome, saucer earrings, bouffant hair, inky eyeliner and of course, lacy underwear.

Coat? Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson in your, what can only be described as fabulous, leopard print coat. Print, animal, whilst attending a secret hotel rendezvous can surely only be described as a statement. Ps. She’s got a leopard skin pillbox hat to match too.

Film: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

When? 1961

Who? Audrey Hepburn as film’s most famous style icon, Holly Golightly, the bohemian with a penchant for diamonds.

Style? As the eccentric Holly, Audrey wears one of cinema’s most iconic wardrobes. Dripping in jewellery, sashaying down Fifth in floor length Givenchy, swards of necklaces, cigarette holder, sunglasses, party dress of bubblegum pink, but is equally dazzling in off duty wears of oversized shirts, pig tails and a trench coat.

Coat? Holly and Fred go on a day out and Holly cuts a figure in a voluminous burn orange coat expertly accessorised with shades and a fur bucket hat. The perfect Givenchy tailoring is offset with the humorous addition of a stolen mask.

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