Best Dressed Men December 2010

Some men have it & some men don’t, style is something which you simply cannot fake or in the same sense define. Which men have truly discovered their revere for styling and can walk down that red carpet with their head held high?? Please read on to discover who has made it into this months best dressed list,

PENN BADGELY: photo by:

Minus the expression Penn is looking good on the set of ‘Gossip Girl’. Penn has not recieved as much attention as his gossip girl co-stars Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick, however this may change soon enough if he continues dressing like this. Penn has combined slim fit denims with slightly pointed tan boots and a double-breasted grey military style jacket. Each item brings the ensemble together nicely. Penn shoulders are shown off with the military jacket giving his upper regions structure due to the fit of the jacket. The details in the jacket such as the lapelle and double button add to Penn’s body shape lengthening the torso while bringing the eye to the shoulders.The tan colour of the boots are a great choice with the grey jacket and blue denim. In theory it may not seem a good choice but together it works well. Penn did good. I am sorry but I just can’t resist….  you know you love me xoxo….

And then there is the Worst dressed man or in this case worst dressed ‘band’…

ONE DIRECTION: This is a perfect example of when too many looks are put together and as a result destroy the entire outfit. Individually some pieces are great such as the scarves and blazers, both formal pant work really well….but the jeans are just horrible. Niall?? far left..the irish one?? is wearing jeans which are too creased and baggy to be tucked behind white runners..white runners??… The jeans are also the wrong colour for the blazer he has on, tighter dark denim would have suited his look much better. The same can be said for Liam (far right). Next to Niall? (second from left) he also needs to get rid of those grey/black speckled trousers what the??! Some of the lads looks have massive potential and could have been very stylish, this point is most valid for the lads not mentioned above. The reason they made the ‘worst dressed’ this month is because their looks aren’t cohesive. However it must be said that I don’t blame the lads, I blame the lads stylist, by trying to make them appear ‘trendy’ they were over processed and as a consequence the final result was a mismatch of epic proportions!

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