Motley Editorial – Issue 3

Christmas is the best time of year. Even if you’re a Grinch, I’m willing to lay some money (a small amount, to be fair!) on the fact that sometimes, when those first few notes of Fairytale of New York come on the radio, you smile a bit to yourself- despite the fact that you purport to hate Christmas and everything about it, in true Scrooge style.

So I’m gonna be completely Tiny Tim here, and tell you to smile ridiculously at every cheesy song, wrap presents with seriously awesome amounts of ribbon, buy gifts that people will actually like, and start to ignore the news a little bit. I guarantee that it will be full of budgets, cuts, gory deficits and neat puns on the words “Fianna” and “Fail”. Regardless, you’ve heard it before, and Christmas is so not the time for it.

Welcome to the Christmas Issue of Motley; it’s slightly over the top to give you Christmas on December 1st, but sometimes it’s fun to do something mental. And, y’know, it fitted our schedule…

Enjoy Christmas, drink some of our eggnog, and let us know how the recipe worked for you! See you in January 2011!

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