The skank is scagged

Joan Morrissey delivers a cautionary tale

Thumpin’ head is a promising offering by a young lad from the North, Craig McConkey. McConkey is elusive: the only place I can find him online is MySpace, and his track “Thumpin’ Head” is an acoustic hangover. McConkey sings whilst playing guitar, but there is a cello in parts: pure decadence? This song is no cheesy rambling about a girl who’s got your heart – that, it is not.

“Thumpin’ Head” is a darker, more interesting social observation. It critiques the nightclub sub-culture of female college students, drunken luts basically. Not promiscuous enough to be a slut: but enough of a bowsy to be a lut. Now, I am not here to judge, and I am not talking about sobriety and chastity, but before you go acting like a hardy beoure, afraid of being a bore, and giving it socks on the dance floor, read some more!

It’s an interesting thing we do to ourselves, girls. Insecure, it might take you ages to wear as little as possible to be hot, when in fact you’re freezing. You’re not naturally mad, but you’ve done some mad things in your hazy amnesia: bad habits, men, spending, drink, drugs, your friend is off scoring, drank too much and is now falling around the place. The song contains spending and motivation problems, having fierce craic, by all accounts: “I mean it’s all good fun, no a clue what I’ve done”. “Thumpin’ Head” has drunken amnesia; alcohol-induced vomiting, brief sexual encounters; “Wake up without a story to tell // but most of them would say his daughter’s a slut.

This song does offer something to add to the furniture of your mind, that soft porn dance videos do not. Thumpin’ Head is about the dark side of being lost in excess. If dance tunes and the like celebrate the utopia of partying, then “Thumpin’ Head” is the dystopian morning after the night before. Check it out; it might make you think when you’re heading out.

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