Tip-Top for Black Ops

Damien O’Rourke lets slip some secrets

Call of Duty: Black Ops was released recently to rave reviews and millions of sales worldwide within hours of release. I personally love it so far, although I have yet to really sink my teeth into zombies or single player modes. My main interest in Black Ops lies in the online multiplayer feature. With that in mind I’m not going to give you a review but rather some tips which I found useful and will hopefully give you a head start on some of your friends in the vicious theatre of CoD online.

To start, let talk about perks. There are three tiers of perks, each with Pro versions and some are more useful than others. When you start playing Black Ops and find yourself racking up the CoD points you need to buy the ‘Ghost’ perk ASAP. Given the infancy of the game, no one will be instantly familiar with the maps and will rely heavily on using radar and spy planes. So using ‘Ghost’ and a suppressor on your weapons will give you an incredible advantage on the competition. For the second perk tier I would recommend buying ‘Steady Aim’ first because the hip fire accuracy when using steady aim is much better in this game than in previous CoD titles, but to a lesser extent the other tier 2 perks aren’t that useful. If you’re not bothered with hip firing then throw on ‘Warlord’ and try the AK47u with rapid fire and a suppressor, it’s a beast. For the third and final perk tier ‘Ninja’ is the only real stand out perk. It gives you silent footsteps and the pro version once unlocked makes enemy footsteps louder. When you don’t make noise and your enemies do, you can really take advantage when using a good set of headphones.

In terms of weapons etc., you’ll only be able to use the default classes. I recommend the default M16 class until you have theoption to create custom class setups. Buy the famas and the AK47u as soon as you have them unlocked. They are the best guns available early in the game. The options are quite limited in terms of secondary weapons. I tend to stick with pistols as launchers and the ballistic knife or the crossbow are rarely more useful than a pistol. As for which pistol, there’s not a huge difference in terms of stats so I generally go with the python because it looks more badass than the others and resembles a .44 magnum.

With all that said, here are two class setups that you might find useful. I use these two classes myself and love them so I hope they help you too.

Class A Class B
Primary Famas w/ Suppressor AK47u w/ Suppressor+Rapid Fire
Secondary Python w/ Speed Reloader Python w/ Speed Reloader
Lethal Grenade Semtex Semtex
Tactical Grenade Decoy Decoy
Equipment Claymore Claymore
Perk 1 Ghost Ghost
Perk 2 Steady Aim Warlord
Perk 3 Ninja Ninja
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