Fill your Stockings!

Fill your Stockings

John Barker advises on those easy to wrap gifts: the books of 2010.

For the young’uns or the young-at-heart

The Jedward Biography. You may laugh and turn up your nose but if it’s a light-hearted read that you’re after then it is perfect. Ridiculous in parts, you cannot help but laugh and question why you ever got the book, yet it’s by no means enough to stop you from reading on in guilty delight. The book ensures that your brain requires little effort; it’s just simplicity at its absolute best.

For the softies

The Emporer of all Maladies: A Biography of Cancer, Siddhartha Mukherjee. This isn’t the traditional book that tugs on the heartstrings; however some of the content is nothing short of heartbreaking. Not only is it a fascinating read on all levels, it is hugely relevant to today’s world. In a time when news focuses almost solely on international political problems, the global problem of cancer has become overlooked. This book does a fine job of highlighting the issue and inspiring a desire for progression.

For the adrenalin junkie

Unbroken, Lauren Hillenbrand. There is nothing like a good war story to get the blood pumping. The creation of a character to whom we can easily relate to is key to the success of this story, causing an inevitable stir in our emotions. It evokes anger, hurt and other such highly charged emotions in the reader. Perfect for those nights in or the long journeys.

For your BFF

The Power, Rhonda Byrne. It was only a few years ago when ‘The Secret’ seemed to be the perfect gift for your mother, your best mate, your neighbour or any old Tom, Dick or Harry. Now after its summer release, the latest instalment in self help books is once again making the perfect gift. You only have to look at a newspaper, television or main street and you’re hit with some depressing sight symbolic of our supposedly hopeless future. Even Facebook is plastered with this negativity: due to recent cutbacks the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off. Well turn it back on, and this book could work wonders for that mate of yours that seems to be whinging about something all the time. Turn their life around and take a look on the bright side and all that jazz.

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