Five reasons to love Glee

David Deady is proud to be a Gleek, and tries to sway those on the fence to the pop culture phenomenon.

Nothing makes me happier than sitting down every Wednesday evening to escape into an episode while trying to forget about the litany of essays that seem to endlessly pile up. However, it seems that Glee has developed somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the general public. While I don’t understand how people can’t like such an imagination-fuelled show, I have decided to divulge the five reasons why I love Glee in the vain hope that I can convert some more followers to the musical cult!

5.) Fashion.

From Kurt’s knee length, form-fitting sweaters to Sue’s Addidas tracksuit wedding dress, Glee has presented us with a plethora of weird, wonderful and sometimes inspiring fashion choices. While often missing the mark completely, (Mercedes for example who was once described as a ‘Technicolor zebra’ by Kurt!) each character does have their own unique style and a rather enviable wardrobe to match.

True standouts include Emma Pillbury’s always colourful, sophisticated vintage outfits, Will Schuester’s preppy mix of sweaters, cardigans and Mad Men-esque suit separates and, of course, Kurt Hummel with his dapper, almost avant-garde creations vaulting him into the role of the true fashion iconoclast of the show. Although it may not be the primary reason why I love Glee, its costume design has certainly added a depth that is sorely lacking in many other shows.

4.) Music.

An obvious choice I must admit, but one that cannot be overlooked. Singing can often seem trite and cringe-worthy in TV shows (anyone remember the Buffy musical episode…*shudders.*) Glee however, incorporates its music so seamlessly and effectively into the storylines that it only serves to enhance and empower the themes of the show, rather than acting as a distraction or diversion. Its hugely talented cast have produced some powerful and breathtaking renditions and re-inventions of songs from both past and present.

Personal favourites include Blaine’s Teenage Dream, Quinn’s You Keep Me Hanging On, Mercedes’ Bust Your Windows and Kurt’s Defying Gravity. In truth the show rarely turns out poor covers, the only exception really being Mr. Schuester’s awkward and mortifying version of Gold Digger that kind of resembled an uncle singing at a wedding! Nevertheless, the music of Glee continues to draw me to the show…I even have a playlist on my I-pod dedicated to it (shameful!)

3.) Quotes.

Glee is without a doubt one of the most quotable shows on TV at the moment. With blogs, websites and Facebook pages dedicated to the various sayings and witty quips generated by the programme, it is not surprising that Glee is fast becoming a real challenger to Mean Girl’s crown of the “most quotable TV show or movie ever.”

With stitch inducing one-liners from Brittany (‘Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?’) to Kurt’s hilariously bitchy remarks (‘he’s cheating off a girl who thinks the square root of four is rainbows’) and finally Sue’s deliciously devilish insults (‘You’re about to board the Sue Sylvester Express. Destination: horror!’) Glee has consistently delivered funny and memorable quotes. The writing on this show is of astonishing quality; even the most stoic and dry individuals out there would have a hard time not appreciating some of the side-splittingly comical sayings.

2.) Sue Sylvester.

Utterly outrageous and sinfully diabolical, Sue Sylvester is undoubtedly one of the major reasons why I love Glee so much. Masterfully portrayed by Jane Lynch, Sue is a villain like no other. She is intimidated by no-one and has the mettle to say whatever she feels about anything or anyone. For example, her view on homeless people is shocking but delectably droll, stating: ‘I’ll often yell at homeless people: Hey, how’s that homelessness working out for ya? Give not being homeless a try, huh?’

Sue has the condescending, quick witted and demoralizing attitude that I, and so many others, wish they could command in daily life! Furthermore, it is rare to find an antagonist that manages to garner as much sympathy as Sue does. Her unrelenting and vicious personal vendetta to crush the glee club only illogically serves to make me adore her even more! Plus her tracksuits are awesome!

1.) Vampires.

There are no vampires. Enough said!

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