Not a variation on a theme

Lynn Harding

Fashion Editor

Themes be damned: this issue of the UCC Express Fashion section is a smorgasbord of wardrobe staples, androgyny, a new men’s fashion column and a bit of the absurd. I could be suave and très sophis and swear blind that it was all intentional – but hey, what is journalism if not honest?

It is February now and I am still waiting for that elusive hit of inspiration that I have decided should herald the beginning of each New Year. I had great visions of how my final year in college would go and yet I seem never to have the time to do anything well; if there isn’t an essay to write, there’s an article to read, or a dissertation to plan, or section to edit, or MA application to complete…nothing ever gets my undivided attention, because there simply isn’t time. Let this be the theme for this issue: focussing on one thing and pretending the others don’t exist.

Androgynous fashion: can I just say, YUM?! My foray into internet TV introduced me to The L Word last year and the resulting girl-crush on Kate Moennig was something to write home about. There is just something so alluring about girls in waistcoats and shirts, messy hair, Hermes meeting Aphrodite; equally, men’s fashion has recently become more tailored, feminised and even flamboyant and the few guys seen embracing this can be guaranteed to draw attention.

The appeal, I have decided, lies in the parallel between it all: confidence. It takes confidence for a girl not to dress in flirty, consciously and conventionally attractive attire, just as much as it takes confidence for a guy to wear pink, or even something as seemingly simple as a low V-neck. Think about it: for every ‘individual’ emo, goth or indie, you will find a huge percentage of their friends dressing the same way. Daring to actually be different is something that not many do, and even fewer can pull off.

Forgive me for taking the catchphrase of Paris Hilton in vain, but that’s hot.

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