Jeans, glorious jeans

Niamh O’Leary and Sorcha Nagle

With a whole new wave of jeans trends bombarding us this spring, I think it’s time to turn our absolute toughest critics into an invaluable asset. For too long now jeans have been a source of pain and punishment. It simply doesn’t have to be that way. Jeans are a saviour on the laziest of days. They can hug where you want them, and skim everywhere else; tracksuits, on the other hand, can make you look like you rolled out of bed, and not in the D4 way where you actually spent 2 hours trying to look like you just got up. What follows is the key to the start of what will hopefully be a beautiful relationship: know what you’re looking for.

This season announces the return of the bell-bottom…a return which many will find it difficult to welcome. Unless you’re 7 feet tall with no hips to speak of, this can just be one of those impossible trends to wear. Don’t do it – at least not for a while, until we figure out how to cope with the situation.

Not everyone has to be a slave to the whims and fads of the fashion powers that be. Theme and variation is the way to go, so stick with what you know suits you and spice it up. For example, in recent times, jeans have stepped out of navy and black, veering into pinks, purples, greens and everything in between! Although colour co-ordination potential might seem limited with purple satin straight-legs, remember that co-ordination doesn’t have to be the same as matching. Think about how cool you’ll look strutting around the main! Bershka currently has some lovely items in and at a very reasonable price, as does our ever failsafe Penneys.

The main thing to avoid is jeans with a white wash over the thigh. All other styles are subjective and have potential. A white wash over the thigh is just plain ridiculous and I have yet to see a woman on whom it is flattering. Larger ladies, stick to dark jeans, stonewashed, cutout or pale jeans will do you no favours. Pick jeans with little or no designs, patterns or anything else, and remember that big pockets make your arse look smaller! Straight-leg, bootcut or flare will suit you down to the ground. Look for as much lycra in your jeans as possible as this will hug without clinging. Evans are lifesavers for jeans, with many costing only €30.

For the vertically-challenged, call into River Island, which has a great range of petite clothing; if your pins rock the longer end of the scale, New Look’s cheap and cheerful skinny jeans will show them off to their most flattering potential.

As for cut, there is a huge range of ‘rises’ available at the moment. Medium-rise is comfortable and will suit all shapes and sizes. High-waist will do you 2 favours: suck your tummy in for you and look well with any type of footwear. Low-rise jeans are just plain sexy!

It’s time to take control of your denim-demons. Whether you want to have fun with your look or find your go-to jean, it’s definitely out there this season!

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