Band of Brothers

For those who thought Band of Brothers was just a TV series, Jennie Brosnan sets you straight.

Band of Brothers has been made a bit of a classic thanks to the hit series produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg in 2001. What many people don’t know, or are too lazy to read and find out for themselves, is that the TV Mini-series is actually based on this book by Stephen Ambrose.

Of all the thousands of soldiers who fought on the Allied side for America in the Second World War, Easy Company 506th are easily the most recognisable for their infamous training regimes and ability to win battles. It is not only this, however, that makes them stand out as a group of soldiers but also their leader, Dick Winters, who recently passed away. Winters and later Captain Winters led Easy Company through several hard campaigns around France, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany and was one of the first commanding officers to take over Hitler’s retreat in Berchtesgaden. This is one particularly memorable moment in both the book and the episode in Band of Brothers, another being the discovery of the concentration camp near Landsburg which is said to be one of the largest in Germany.

Throughout the book we follow the men of Easy Company, those who lived and died, those who were injured in battle and lived to tell the tale and those who weren’t so fortunate. Original pictures have also been included in the book so you can put a face to the name or feel slightly creeped out by looking at the picture of a dead guy. Whatever you’re into yourself.

For those of you who have seen the Band of Brothers programme then you know what to expect from the book. However, there is an advantage in reading a book like this as it helps you gain a better insight into the experiences these men went through with the inclusion of interviews collected from the officers of Easy Company, before they died.  It is a little gem in the history section of any bookshop because the human experience of the war is revealed. Not just facts and figures about the more important people who died and where or how but about the soldiers who gave their lives to what they believed to be a just cause.

The Historical Society are currently screening Band of Brothers every Wednesday night at 7pm in Kane G19. Free Popcorn to be had!

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