Of higher standards

John Barker

Entertainments Editor

John Anthony Barker and six other friends like a link dude, she just said you were from UCC! Oh gosh, hold my cigar and Chardonnay! Criticism doesn’t really stop at movies, books, plays and the likes; rather it reaches every corner of every aspect of life. In the recent outbreak of Facebook groups we have managed, in the twenty first century, to create a whole new range of stereotypes.

They are funny, granted, but where do they stop? In a couple of weeks after it all dies down? Maybe. By then, however, the damage has already been done and lines of difference have already been highlighted. The notion of UCC students believing they are better is one which I have never really understood.

I won’t deny that UCC is indeed of a very high standard, but to say it is higher than competing colleges seems to me to border upon nonsense and embellish childishness. Technically, in regards to facilities provided and degree programmes offered, then maybe it can be said that the college offers a more rounded education or internationally recognised certificate upon graduation.

However, to walk down the streets at night I see students from all educational institutions in the same drunken state, throwing up in the same back alley, gorging on the same breast-in-a-bun (not literally – unless in rare occasions) and getting up to no good with the nearest horny student. Nothing snobbish about that now is there? The unity that alcohol brings is therefore nothing short of inspirational right?

Wrong. Referring once again to the UCC example, it is not the students of UCC that create this image of supposed higher standards; rather it is those of weaker principles. If this is to demonstrate the higher standard of mentality, then I am happy to be the Chardonnay amongst the Pinot Gritio.

There is nothing wrong with the Pinot Gritio, in fact it has made a fine pre-drink at times, yet if needs must then I will set my sights a little higher and not take heed to the criticism of the weak-minded. I will continue to study for my BA, yet I will not continue to defend my studying of the arts, rather I will emphasise how, following graduation, to teach would be the fulfilling of one of my many ambitions.

If 2011 is indeed set to be a year of higher standards then the world of cinema is certainly keeping in tow. Having kicked off the year with major triumphs such as the King’s Speech and Black Swan, what lies ahead is what might only be described as exciting, gripping, spectacular and other such cinematic buzz words. Today’s issue features reviews on both mentioned films. They’re not to be missed.

If movies aren’t quite enough, we’ve got everything from the typical love story, the rock and roll lifestyle and the ultimate adventure, in the line of books. Find out what it is that makes them a cut above the rest…

As for TV, the year has kicked off with a new series of Jersey Shore, Skins, Greys Anatomy and the new Pretty Little Liars. Jam-packed much? I think so. The Express provides the best of the box, so catch it now and stay tuned for even more. And that’s a wrap! No it isn’t. Drama doesn’t end with the rolling credits.

The stage has even more to offer. Dramat have kicked off their second term with the success of a short play festival and a musical. The excitement continues. With a brand new play and a hit film being brought to the Granary theatre, it’s the perfect spot for a night of endless talent. Looking further afield than our own theatre, Cork Opera House are offering spectacular deals for UCC students on King Lear, as are the Everyman Theatre introducing brand new special offers. Get on that.

Do believe the hype!

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