Jersey Shore: Awww Yeah!

It’s all vodka and fist-pumping for Orlaith Hurley.

Get ready to fist pump, Jersey Shore is back. The cast of the hit MTV reality TV show are back at the Shore for season three.

In general, I hate reality television. Everywhere you turn, there’s a new reality show on the horizon for obnoxious people who clearly don’t deserve the attention they’re getting on their own reality show, only to have them become tabloid whores for the next several months after the show has faltered or been replaced by a new one. Jersey Shore is pretty atypical when it comes to reality television.

The show is total trash, pure unbridled trash. But like most guilty pleasure television shows, Jersey Shore keeps you watching no matter how much it goes against your better judgment, and however many brain cells you might kill by tuning in to watch new episodes every week. It’s an instance in which you’ll be watching it one minute, and then kicking yourself the next for doing so.

None of the characters are particularly likable or sympathetic but they are alluring. With their over-sized egos and personalities, they have been launched into American pop culture stardom for the foreseeable future. Jersey Shore became a huge hit when it debuted in December 2009, and also sparked a myriad of controversies stemming from its “negative” portrayal of eight Italian-American young people, who have a summer share on New Jersey’s Seaside Heights community and thus bringing a lot of unwelcome notoriety to the area.

These eight self-proclaimed “Guidos/Guidettes” are made up of seriously buff Mike “The Situation,” “gorilla juice-head”  Ronnie, uber-hot Pauly D and Vinny (my personal favourite), Sammi “Sweetheart” , Jenni “JWoww,” Deena and fan-favourite Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

The mixed bunch spend their summer on Jersey Shore partying, hooking up, tanning, drinking, fixing their hair, clubbing, fighting, and engaging in every other form of debauchery known to man while also finding some time taking turns working in a boardwalk t-shirt store.

The Shore cast are racking in the doe, with Mike “Situation” reportedly earned $5 Million in 2010. And they all look set to earn even more in 2011 with the announced fourth season set in Italy where the eight will return to their roots and hopefully, will cause a bit of drama on their way. But one has to question, when will it all end?

Is the show coming close to the end of its fifteen minutes? It seems its survival of the fittest for the Jersey Shore cast members, Pauly D, Snooki and Jwoww are apparently in talks to get their own respective spin-off reality shows. So what will happen to the others?

With rumours of new spin-off’s “Wicked Summer”, chronicling the lives of eight “Irish-Americans” (uggh!) going wild in Cape Cod and an un-named MTV project following eight Persians in Los Angeles, will we be seeing the last of Sitch, Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny and Deena once season four is wrapped?

Jersey Shore is trash entertainment, but I’m totally addicted. Yes sir, that’s reality TV infamy for you and it worked its magic on yet another poor soul who will be feeling very sorry for having watched it on an ultra-curious whim.  Catch Jersey Shore season three on MTV Thursday nights at ten.

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