UCC R&G Week in full swing

Esme Harrington

Transition Year Intern

The Rubber Bandits are set to headline this year’s annual Raise and Give (R&G) Week. Starting yesterday afternoon with ‘Cupid’s Love Booth’ at midday, UCC’s own version of Take Me Out and Moulin Rouge, R&G week has gone down a storm so far.

Today is seen to be the most eventful day of the week. As well as the Rubber Bandits concert in the Devere Hall, the  Olympics Games in the Amphitheatre is predicted to be a highly popular offering.

The rest of the week sees events such as Gearrscannán and D.F.T. playing in UCC’s New Bar. A Week Detox is taking place on Friday. All students are welcomed to bring in their duvets and go to the common room to have a relaxing day with movies.

Student Union President Keith O’Brien was keen to highlight the communal events such as the ‘Nearly Naked Mile’, where students are to gather and run nude through campus as pivotal for the R&G week spirit.

When asked how much he was hoping to raise, Mr. O’Brien explained in the days before the recession hit it was possible to raise much more money. Any projected figure would be open to criticism so an exact figure is not given. Whatever amount is raised would be split between the charities as equally as possible, with each getting a third.

Rumours had emerged that The Student Patrol were undermanned and would struggle to keep the relevant areas monitored. Mr. O’Brien informed us that there was, in his opinion, definitely enough members for this year. He stated that if they did run low on numbers there were also backups for the roles.

The Student Patrol attend to the streets where student activities are occurring and ensure that everything is still going safely and reminding students that if they are caught with drink on the streets they will be fined on the spot.

Sergeant Ken O’Connell, who has been community officer with UCC for several years now, was interviewed on what he expects to happen in R&G week and his reminders to students. Sgt. O’Connell posited he believes the biggest issue Gardaí face everywhere is the way students behave during R&G week; he would like to remind students that they will be fined on the spot (€75) if they are found with drink on the streets, and that they should keep in mind that there are other people around.

Sgt. O’Connell added that the residents of an estate would be forced to put up with the noise of parties and just to “remember that they most likely won’t be up to all hours.” The Gardaí informed us that if students don’t co-operate they may have to arrest that student, and remind students that this could affect their eligibility for getting a visa for somewhere like the USA.

Hoodies in aid of Raise and Give week were sold upcoming to this week in various colours for Twenty-five Euros and conventionally account for a large percentage of money raised.

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