General Election 2011: Sinn Féin

(Sinn Fein)

THERE IS A BETTER WAY – Ireland is a country that stands at the brink. We are in a recession that is unprecedented in the history of the Irish state. Not only have people faced crushing job losses this has also been compounded by crippling debt as our countries elite have tied us to the gambling losses of banks and bondholders. However there is an alternative. Sinn Féin (SF) is willing to provide this alternative.

SF have outlined a number of policies in their election manifesto that they wish to put forward to the Irish people. SF believe that only their plan can alleviate the suffering of thousands of Irish people and provide a plan that will put this country back on the road for recovery. This plan includes a major job creation programme to get Ireland back to work, reverse the savage cuts and prioritise frontline services, to burn the bondholders and wind down Anglo Irish Bank.

SF is committed to reducing the budget deficit by taxing the wealthy and eliminating wasteful spending. SF will prioritise political reform to open up Irish politics and ensure that elites will no longer have total control over our destiny. The two tier health and education systems are of major concern to SF and the party is committed to bringing about change in this area. SF feel that it is fundamental that Ireland’s natural resources are used to benefit the country and not to be exploited for the wealthy. The party is committed to continuing the work of the Good Friday Agreement and ensuring that there will be a United Ireland.

THE ECONOMY – It is going to be the biggest factor in this election and SF has put forward a costed proposal to the people of Ireland as to how we are to get the economy back on track while also helping those worst hit by the policies of previous governments. SF proposes that a new budget be drawn up immediately as budgets put forward by the previous government have clearly proven to be failures.

SF proposes that a six-year plan be introduced to replace the current four-year plan. The cuts put forward in the four year plan will only serve to plunge this country into a deeper recession and cause greater hardship for thousands in this country. SF proposes a €7 billion job creation programme using a once-off transfer of funds from the National Pension Reserve Fund that will create more 160,000 jobs in the Irish economy and get this country back to work.

SF believes that it is better that this money is better used as a stimulus package than falling into the black hole of bank debt. SF believes in introducing a 1% wealth tax on all assets over 1 million euro, excluding working farmland. The party would like all incomes three times the average industrial wage (100,000 euro +) to come under a new tax bracket of 48%.

It is SF’s opinion that the Universal Social Charge is an unfair tax method and believes it should be scrapped. It is also vital that the minimum wage be restored to €8.65 an hour. SF’s policy is to cut the sovereign debt off from the bank debt. This would enable us to free ourselves from the IMF/EU bailout and get the country back on the road to recovery.

EDUCATION – SF believes that a proper education system is essential to getting this country back on its feet. SF commits itself to ensuring that education remains free and accessible to every young person in this country. The party believes that a child should be catered for from primary until third level. An end to state funding of private education is an issue that SF will focus on. SF do not support any attempts to introduce fees for third level education.

This election may be the most important election since SF established to first Dáil after the general election of 1919. The democratic programme of that first Dáil is as important today as it was in 1919. SF is committed to bringing about a fair, equal and just society. SF is committed to building a united Republic of united People. On February 25th vote Sinn Féin.

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