Do-up sho-waddy-waddy

Sorcha Nagle

So folks, it’s that time of year again, when singles get ready to mingle and loved-up couples make me very angry! For all you lucky people with something to do on Valentine’s Night, I thought I’d give ye a couple of quick tips to get a sexy up-do with the minimum amount of time and effort.

Side Bun Up-do:

First thing you have to do is comb all your hair and gather it at one side around the nape of your neck. Pin the scraped side back, with bobby pins (those brown ones that your nan uses! Next, make a ponytail, then wrap the ponytail around itself in a circle. Pin all that in securely.

Finally, set with strong hairspray and pull a few bits out to create a sexy, messy look.

Easy-Peasy French Plait:

Hopefully this will be as easy as it sounds for you! First, gather all your fringe, bangs or whatever you call it together. Next, tightly French plait from your crease around to the back of your ear and secure with pins. Then, curl your hair and let the curls fall, or tie it up in a high bun when it’s wet and let your natural curls through! Set with hairspray and away you go!

Short and Sweet:

For you girls with short hair (i.e. above the shoulders), there isn’t much you can do with regards to up-dos. The best ideas for you is to again, pin as much back as you can, then pull down a few tendrils and curl them with a small barrel curler or GHD. Apart from that, you can gel up the shortest side, straighten the other and slick with serum it to give the sleekest shine.

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