I heart makeup

Niamh O’Leary

So, you have a date this Valentine’s Day and you’ve covered everything: you’ve even planned the perfect flirty undies (thanks to the Express’ fabulous fashion squad). But there’s one thing that cannot be overlooked; the very thing that your lucky date will be gazing at all night on Febuary 14th: your face! Let’s try to make sure he’s transfixed by your gorgeous visage for all the right reasons.

There are very few rules when slapping on the war-paint for Valentine’s flirty festivities. Basically, it’s a fun and giggly celebration of love lust and all things sexy. You’ll be spending the evening with a guy who wants to be with you in the first place. So confidence is key. Just try to reflect your personality with your make-up.

If you’re usually quite light-handed with your make up brushes, don’t arrive looking like Bozo the clown. Keep it simple. A base of tinted moisturiser, such as Johnson’s, will give you a light glowing cover. Add a little mascara to open your eyes: Max Factor’s gorgeous Masterpiece Max is great. Finish with a little of the Body Shop’s strawberry lip balm. It smells beautiful, so if things go really well you’ll be good enough to eat.

If, like many of us Irish girls you lash on the foundation to cover up any blemish and potential spot, then there’s a pretty Valentine’s way for you to keep the comfort of your coverage. MAC’s NW20 is probably one of their best Irish sellers. The coverage is flawless and the finish is immaculate – plus, it won’t sweat off as easily as a lot of the cheaper products out there. As the price is a little steep, I’ve found another more modestly-priced product that will also do a wonderful job: Rimmel’s Lasting Finish foundation does exactly what it says on the tin. Pop on some blusher, running it from the hairline next to the corner of your eye to the hollow of your cheek, for a really defined look.

Frame your eyes with a liquid liner in black, like MAC’s Fluidline or Rimmel’s liquid eyeliner, dragging the line from the inner corner of your eye out to the edge (or beyond if you’re bold) and top your eyes off with some black mascara. Maybelline and Lancôme both have stunning gloss colours that will really have your man smacking his lips. If you dare to don red or a bold lipstick colour, I’d recommend you go for a blue-based shade that will make your teeth appear whiter, such as Rimmel’s Moisture Renew range.

Have fun with your look before you head out next Monday night – but do keep it as close to your usual routine as possible. We want your date to recognise you after all!

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