First class first date

Siobhan Brosnan

First dates are always intimidating, as a multitude of questions rush through your mind: “Will we have something to talk about?” “What if he’s a psychopath?” Well, maybe not the latter, but you get my point! First dates are difficult enough without having to worry about how to dress. With a few simple tips, it’s easy to dress for the occasion, regardless of where your prospective new man takes you out.

1. The Cinema: Smart-casual is key here. You want to look like you’ve made very little effort while being dressed suitably for a post-movie drink if the date’s going well! Team a cute skirt with a scoop-neck t-shirt (but not too low, this is the first date!) and a funky cardi. There’s some great comfy and chic knitwear in New Look and River Island at the moment.

Footwear-wise, go with what suits your own style – ballet pumps, converse and ankle boots all work with the low-key look. Make it your own with your favourite accessories; the more neutral your outfit, the bolder you can afford to go here.

2. Drinks/Dinner: It’s always helpful to know which bar you’re going to, so your outfit can be planned accordingly. For instance, you can’t go to The Bailey wearing your favourite jeans and your comfiest tee; likewise, turning up to the Bróg wearing a cocktail dress and skyscraper heels will make you feel like a square peg in a round hole. Saying that, if a guy suggests the Bróg for your first date destination, what to wear is the least of your worries!

For such a date, the Little Black Dress is your best friend. It can be dressed up with a pair of heels and a funky shrug, dressed down with flats and a bolero-style cardigan, or given a cool edge by using bold, contrasting accessories. There’s an LBD to suit everyone’s taste and budget, but check out Topshop for the cream of the crop!

3. Gig: It may not be everyone’s first date cup of tea, but each to their own. Dress for comfort here, as you will be standing for a considerable amount of time. Check out for some amazing pairs of Converse – the Blondie ones in particular are absolutely amazing! For the slightly more girly-inclined, you can even get sequinned Chucks in every colour of the rainbow! For one thing, they’ll certainly set you apart from the crowd at a metal night. Equally as important is to dress in layers! You’re going to be in a very hot, crowded room, and light layers are essential so you can remove them as the night progresses, whether it’s due to the sweltering heat of the crowd, or the increasing steaminess of the date! Check out Penney’s for some vest-tops, tees and light cardigans that can be combined for some very funky looks.

So, as you can see, the first date jitters can be considerably lessened by these simple tips to ensure you dress to impress!

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