Films for a rainy day

It’s raining, it’s pouring but Natalie O’Connor’s not snoring, she’s picking five films to enjoy in her cosy abode.


As we all know, the weather is never too kind to us Irish, but recently there have been a few too many of those dreary and grey days. I must admit, I take advantage of such days to watch movies with a nice cup of tea and the fire on, but it got me to thinking, what are the best films for those rainy days? Based on my opinion and having asked around, I found the top 5…

5. Philadelphia. This movie is in here for all those people who like to feel a bit more depressed and sad on a rainy day. Admit it, you sometimes do! It’s about a man (Tom Hanks) who gets AIDS and wants to sue the company who unfairly fired him. Denzel Washington skilfully plays his somewhat reluctant lawyer. It is compelling and incredibly sad but it’s unlikely friendship and the sheer force of human willpower makes this a must see. It’ll definitely bring a tear to your eyes, if that’s what you like in a film. It’s inspiring.

4. The Lion King. For the child in all of us! Nothing really can beat singing along with the infectious songs, having a shiver run through your spine as Scar’s nails scrape the wall or even the tear-jerking scene with Mufasa… but being honest, we all know the shining moments are any scene with Timon and Pumbaa, or Zazu’s song that he sings while imprisoned in his cage. Classic.

3. Jumper. An action movie with the best sights ever! Hayden Christensen was born with the ability to ‘jump’ anywhere in the world. He soon gets caught up in the war between Jumpers and the people who hunt and kill them. There are funny parts, dramatic parts, some love (Rachel Bilson), some loss and a brilliant special effects team. This film can transport you from the wet and cold in Ireland and take you anywhere in the world. Worth watching.

2. Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts. Richard Gere. A killer soundtrack. We all know the story, a businessman hires a prostitute to be his escort for a week and suddenly there’s a budding relationship. For the girls, this is it! It’s one of the finest romantic comedies and even though you’ve seen it countless times, it still manages to make you nervous towards the end, and not many films can do that after the first or second viewing. Put on the popcorn and relax. Rain? What rain?

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It takes you to beautiful Hawaii and is belly-achingly funny. What more could you ask for in your number one? Maybe a loony Russell Brand? Check. A stunning female lead for the guys to drool over? Check. The fat guy from Superbad? Check. And of course starring and written by the brilliant Jason Segel. It’s a recipe for pure laughter and it exceeds at everything it aimed for. The perfect film to watch on the sofa as the hailstones smash against your windowpane. Nothing rains on your parade.


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