On hands and knees

John Barker

Entertainment Editor

Now that title grabbed your attention. I’m sorry to disappoint but I won’t be talking about what it is you might expect. I refer rather to a time, many moons ago, when entertainment did not mean watching 105 minutes of Justin Bieber in 3D, rather it meant productively watching plastic stars and clouds rotate on a mobile: pure quality.

This issue however we will not be looking at the latest products on offer from Mothercare, we will be skipping forward a year or three to the days in which television was introduced. Pokémon, CatDog, Hey Arnold and the occasional dabbling in Mona the Vampire offered us a source of animated bliss playing greatly on the innocence and purity of our untainted minds.

Beg you then the question of what it was that prompted this bout of nostalgia. A recent trip to Dramat’s Such A Local Row is what sparked my fond reverie. As the play brought us back to our youth when bottles of Score and packets of Taytos awaited us in the hall following a match, it tapped into that same aforementioned innocence and purity.

Whatever about the play, throughout the entire first half, one particularly young member of the audience would not and could not stop laughing. The child’s giggle was so unrestricted and so fearless that it couldn’t help but give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Henceforth the smile crept across my face and my mind drifted to the days of party rings and bouncy castles.

Such simple days are long gone it would seem yet there is something about a cartoon or silly joke which you cannot help but to allow your inner child to light up. This issue takes a look at two of the cartoons that have recently hit our cinemas. As Emma gets all Tangled up in Disney, we find out whether Brian should’ve stayed at gnome. Each offers an animated twist on a classic story and we see if Disney can do them justice.

Don’t worry it’s not all skipping games and card swapping, as I review the new Shameless and Skins, I’ll bring you back to the present with quite a bump. Vodka, vomit and virginity are what it’s all about here and in the US. In Downton 1912 however it is a different story and Eimear O’Connor takes us to this stately home, offering us a welcome break.

Following last night’s somewhat predictable Oscar Awards, James Campion justifies True Grit’s nominations and Susan O’Sullivan takes a look at the politics behind it all. Films are what everyone is talking about this week. For this reason there is no better time to take a look at some of the best and avoid some of the worst, namely Big Momma’s House, says Thomas Crowley.

In the season of awards, UCC’s first Media Ball took place last night which saw the finest of writers and presenters awarded for their work within student media. A great night was had by all, for which the Journalism Society is owed great credit.

I’ll now take this opportunity to reward my writers and all involved with the UCC Express with gratitude beyond measure for another excellent issue.

Enjoy the read.


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