When I took on this job, I wasn’t sure what to do with the Motley name. Some people advised me to change it, remarket the magazine and start fresh, away from the sporadic history that was Motley before this year. I listened to those people, and I discarded their advice. A number of years ago, Ian Power started Motley, and with a phenomenal amount of dedication and talent, he kept it going as long as he could, with less support than I’ve had. Ian’s been my inspiration this year, and his contribution to Motley is something that ought to be written down.

Motley means “miscellaneous and varied”; when we started this work in August, I wanted to embody that spirit. In the last year, we’ve published pieces about everything under the sun, and the people who made that possible are the Motley Crew, the most varied group you could find. I am very thankful to each and every writer, editor, photographer, model and contributor from this year. Without their talent, hard work and help, Motley would not happen every month. You can see each of their names on the inside cover- they all have my major respect and thanks.

Staffing Motley was difficult; there were over 30 applications, over 20 interviews and some of the selections were near impossible to make. At the end of it all, we made a brilliant team of people who gave it socks for the past six months. To Michael, Adam, Kellie, John, Siobhán, Audrey, Kathryn and Andrew, thank you so much for putting up with me, listening to me, hearing me out when I moaned or groaned, and working with me to make this the very best we could. Legends, every last one of you- I won’t forget the huge amount of work that each of you gave to this, and to me.

Muire deserves a paragraph of her own, but I won’t embarrass her too much. Each month, she took immense time and effort to design Motley on her own, all 48 pages, and we gave her a blank canvas to work with. What she made is a testament to her talent, and it was really something to work with someone who made Motley into art month after month. Each issue it got better and better- something as incredulous six months on as her design was at the very beginning. Thank you.

I don’t want to drag this out too long, but there are a few people who deserve thanks that you might not know about. Daithi Linnane gave me this job; he gave me free reign to do with Motley what I wished. I’d like to think, at the end of this year, that we achieved at least a little of what we hoped for, and at least a little of what he expected. After two years of working with him on media in UCC, he’ll always be a friend of mine. Fidelma Burnell in the SU deserves a big ole box of chocolates for letting us store Motley with her for a few days each month. I do appreciate that- thanks for forcing us to distribute the magazine, rain, hail or shine- and especially when we didn’t feel like it!

Student media is a funny beast. With no professional help, extremely little money, no proper equipment and nothing but the ideas in our heads, we started this journey at an awkward meeting in August. Nobody knew each other, and we had nothing to build on; we had to start from scratch. It’s a reassuring thing that we made it to this point, six issues later- a goal that at the time seemed titanic. It’s a testament to the people listed here that we made it.

There are doubtless people I have forgotten, and people who’ll feel they ought to have been mentioned; they’re probably correct, and deserve the same thanks and praise.

For Audrey Dearing, Alan Parkes, Kieran Murphy  and Keith O Brien: you people rock my boat, and I’m beyond grateful for your help, love and support. Dinner and drinks on me at any time, day or night. And bail money should you ever need it.

And last, but in no way least, to the Parents and the Brother, who are the ones to make me tea when I need it and give out to me when I need to get moving on things; thank you kindly for the tough love and the kind love. Someday, I’ll pay you back.

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