Mens Fashion: Student Budget Tips

So as we are all aware being a student and staying fashionable may sound and seem challenging; in reality it is not as difficult as you may think. Andrew McDonnell has a few tips to help keep the budget that bit lower;

Listed are a number of Cork city shops who will give discounts to anyone wielding their trusty student card!

-Topman, New Look, GAP, French Connection & Heatons all offer 10% off for students all year round.

-Schuh offer 15% off for students

-Recently launched Ted Baker in Brown Thomas is surprisingly affordable & always fashionable. Unknown to many they offer 10% off for students all year round.



Can make an outfit more edgy or fashion forward by wearing statement pieces such as a classic watch. Although generally make sure your accessories go with everything. Light-wear scarves work very well as they can be worn in all seasons. A good quality wallet purchased in black will last years longer than the luminous orange wallet which might be ‘in’ at the time but most definitely out the following year.

The 12 Month Item

There are certain items of clothing which can be worn 12 months of the year and thus reduce your need for specific items which you need to buy seasonally. Light-wear jackets are great as they are perfect as outerwear with plenty of layering underneath during autumn/winter to add warmth and keep the rain out. While during the summer months this jacket can be worn with just a t-shirt underneath and is perfect for night time when out pubbing/clubbing and don’t want to carry a big jacket everywhere. Cardigans are another must as these can double as jackets during the summer and keep you warm in the winter under your jacket.

The colour of the item generally determines its seasonal wearability. Neutral colours such as black or white can be implemented into any outfit easily without any major mis-match fuss. Although if you are a fan of some colour blue is a great option as it goes with almost anything and won’t leave you looking like a penguin all year.

Is it reversible??

A reversible item is more or less, two pieces of clothing in one. Jackets & knitwear fit this category perfectly. Even better if you want to change things up midday, just turn your jacket inside out and voila, a new jacket. If you do find a reversible item you like remember to divide the price by 2 and there you go, cheap as chips.

Don’t be afraid to spend

Just because you’re a student and money is low it doesn’t mean that you can’t ‘splurge’ on an item that you love. Jackets, shoes, jeans are essential items for any man & spending more for a good quality item will prove to be an investment in the long run.


Obviously if you wait until the sales are on your clothes will be that much cheaper, just make sure you make it in during the first few days as the good stuff is usually snatched up quite quickly! Especially important for the sale season is to buy items ‘off-season’. Recently I bought a pair of flip-flops & shorts for 14 euro instead of 53 euro it would have cost if purchased mid-summer so this is solid advice!


If on a budget make sure at the very least your wearing nice shoes. Shoes are often an indicator of your style. Purchasing a great pair of shoes is relatively easy if you shop around. Darker coloured shoes are more durable as dirt won’t show up as easily rather than on light coloured shoes.

To sew or not to sew?

This tip is directed at the more ‘hands on’ man and although it may seem odd if you can sew

© Andrew Thomas

youcan really spruce up your wardrobe on the cheap. First of all you can mend any wear and tear inflicted on that tee or pant during one of your many drunken nights and thus the tee lives to be worn another day. Even simply adding a few new buttons to an old cardi/jumper or jacket can change the look enough to make it feel fresh.

Charity Shops!

Charity & vintage shops in Cork, specifically around North Main Street are the perfect areas a real bargain is to be had. Vintage & retro looks are all in nowadays & wearing your ‘dads’ knitted jumper is now seen as edgy. With this in mind have an old poke about &and see if you find anything that suits your tastes, at very low prices.

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