Cliques not chic

Cliques not chic

Daniel Lynch Editor

This editorial hopes to encourage those on the fence to fall our way and join the ranks of the Express. It takes new ideas that are constantly flowing from new people to keep a newspaper like ours going strong. These ideas are channelled through a group of people, to get your name and idea on print. That is group, not clique.

There is a rather discernable difference between cliques, and groups that have a core number of people necessary to operate. Take this paper for example. Without our designer, there would be nobody to fit together all the articles we receive. Without section editors, there would be nobody to dedicate enough time on one area so that it is produced. And without humble me, there would be nobody to take everything, approximately 45,000 words, and make sure all the hard work they have done is the best it could be.

So are we a clique? We have a core group of people who work quite long hours to put together a free paper. However, we are not exclusive. For a paper to be produced, it requires dedication from a group of people willing to sacrifice sleep, their dignity or whatever is needed of them. It also requires dozens and dozens of writers, with bright ideas.

Some people have claimed the Express is a clique recently, which I aim to disprove. We take everyone and always reply to new writers. If writers ever feel ignored, I regularly encourage them to contact me directly. A clique entails being inclusive, inward looking and not allowing others join in on the group activities.

A separate entity from the Express, Journo Soc, will be having a meeting on Wednesday the 13th of September in the ORB_123. The UCC Express will attend to hopefully snare new writers. Think we are a clique? Let us prove you wrong.

Our work is an easy target for scrutiny, as one would expect. But if you have an opinion on anything in the paper, this is a good opportunity to meet us directly and tell us what you think. Sick of my smug face looking at you from page two? Come and tell me!

This gathering takes place the day after you will have picked up this paper, Tuesday 12th, and is as good a time as any to jump on the band wagon. Think the Sports section needs more match coverage? So do we, and you could be the person to deliver.

We are always looking for writers and photographers for every section. News writers, sports writers and photographers are especially desired if I am to be truthful. These people have some of the most interesting and professional work at amateur level available to them.

On a personal note, this will be my last editorial to invite new writers. However, be it Facebook or flyers, we are always happy to welcome you. Don’t ever think because you weren’t there from the start that it is too late to contribute.

Originally Appeared in Issue 2 of the UCC Express

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