Something a bit special

Something a bit special

John Barker

Entertainment Editor

Another week. It only seems like yesterday when walking around campus meant staring into the faces of overly-enthusiastic Freshers. It is of course another story at this stage, as that hung-over silence begins to spread itself across campus.

As the blanket settles, it is now that we can really say ‘welcome to UCC’, without having a flyer thrust into your hand or a person on standby to take your details and sign you up to some nonsensical thing. Sleep deprivation, hunger and Facebook: that’s what college is all about.

The week ran pretty smoothly, despite the difficulty in finding Bloomfield Terrace and the deceivingly long walk to Brookfield. Otherwise I’d call it a success. Meeting the writers who created this week’s Entertainments section was an absolute joy.

I have to take this opportunity to thank them for their fantastic work which really shines through in the coming pages. It takes something a bit special to willingly take the time to create an article for your entertainment and for their contributions I am incredibly grateful.

Taking on extra-curricular activities really is something to be admired. Be it attending a club meeting, writing an article or even a attending a social event, anything other than books and other such study materials is all that is needed to ensure that no week is just another week. Find yourself getting into a monotonous routine? Then break it!

Anyway, this week I think it’s almost compulsory that I mention X Factor, although what I do say will probably make you angry and start debate immediately. This controversy with Gamu: get over it! Cheryl made her choice, accept it. Katie, Nicolo and Aidan must be noted as my favourite contestants.

Seen by many as arrogant, Katie and Nicolo embellish what every X Factor star should strive to be: dreaming high and believing. Aidan, on the other hand, is truly amazing. His rendition of This Year’s Love has got to be one of my favourite X-Factor pre-live show performances, matched only by Diana Vickers’ cover of the Blower’s Daughter. Beautiful.

What also had me glued to a screen this week was Hercules. Let me tell you the story: there I was sitting in class, scratching my head, tapping my foot and lightly hitting my pencil off the table when I was struck by an unimaginable craving to watch Hercules. Leaving class, I proceeded to check every store I could think of, only to leave each one having died a little bit more inside.

Finally discovering it on YouTube, I watched. My imagination and world quickly became intertwined with that of Hercules, Pegasus and Meg. It brought tears to my eyes. There really is nothing like a cartoon to just switch off from everything else.

Having said that, The Inbetweeners do a pretty good job too. This new season is pure gold; we’re talking 24 carat stuff. You can’t help but wonder how they get away with saying some of the things which they do say, yet their humour is just hilarious. Monday nights now have serious potential!

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