Through adversity rises greatness

Through adversity rises greatness
Daniel Lynch

Recent news of wales beaching themselves proved for rather tragic viewing. The Free Willy ‘Waco’ is a natural occurrence as unique as it may be. While I am furthest from camp superstitious, it appears apt foreshadowing of our future prospects. News seems rather bleak at the moment. Images of protestors being battered by Gardaí paints a rather morbid picture amidst the relentless monotone numbers thrown at us incessantly by economists the last three years.
Estimations for the number of protestors are hilariously varied as they often seem to be. They range from 25,000 to 40,000 depending on what source one should chose to believe. However, the vast majority of these protesters made a poignant gesture in shouting they too had a vote at Leinster House.
A minority of protesters, mainstream media are labelling ‘left wing’ organisations, displayed a genuinely infantile mentality in occupying the Department of Finance. Innocent bystanders and people were caught in an ensuing riot, mislead amongst confusion and the heat of the moment. Exploitive and pathetic, many were hurt in a brash decision by leaders unknown.
Gardaí have failed utterly in covering their profession in glory, as numerous videos show people sitting down being struck in the head. One wonders what mentality they must have possessed to hit defenceless people. In our front page story Ms Lane conveys her shock at being caught completely off guard. She was unused to protests and quite appalled at the spectacle she came across.
However, as the old maxim posits, greatness comes through adversity. Approximately, a staggering 1800 student events have been organised thus far this year. Students are quite resilient it appears, and have adapted well from going from Celtic Tiger cubs to street cats. A jobs market which is now hyper-competitive offers extra incentive for students to push themselves during their time at university.
This week the Express presents a selection of people working hard at improving university conditions during this tough time. LGBT Rights Officer Laura Harmon tackles the often forgotten case of transgender rights. Also in features, John O’Donoghue celebrates the hard graft of UCC Musicians in preparing for a week of live gigs and festivities.
The atmosphere on campus is not invulnerable to the mean ol’ headlines dripping morose tales (nor is the Express). Yet, in spite of these students efforts have really shone through all year. It is rare some event is not occupying a corner of campus offering students a chance to enjoy some facet of the college experience.
Recently, Philosophy Week peaked students curiosity, while upcoming Science Week allows students to take part and experience things outside of their normal course. Keeping active and partaking in studies define the open mindedness of the university experience and students are lucky that this generation appears to be producing a politically charged and energetic group.

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