Skins set for the USA

Jessica Corcoran questions if Skins can really mix with glamour.

Skins writer Mike Pelfrey has promised eager fans “sex, drugs, friendship and heartbreak”, but this seems doubtful on an American show. The Show is set to hit MTV this January and has already gathered its fair share of negativity; fans of the UK version have been frothing at the mouth ever since the rumour that MTV had bought the rights circulated. This rumour has since been confirmed as the first trailer was recently aired and can now be viewed on the internet (

As a fan of the original series, the concept of this intrigued me greatly but after watching the questionable preview I no longer feel the same. Any Skins fan who watches the trailer will undoubtedly find the content to be extremely familiar as it more or less presents the same opening as the UK version. Even the characters have been christened with the same names, however they seem to lack the exceedingly rebellious nature which those of the UK version retain.

It seems to me that the show is going to be a more glamorised and less raunchy version of the original. It is going to be impossible for the US version to tackle any issues that haven’t already been handled with the level perfection and originality that the UK one provided. It is a well known fact that US TV shows tend to be a lot more conservative then British ones, if Americans think the cast of Gossip Girl live a “scandalous” life, how ‘scandalous’ can the lives of their Skins folk be?

Although thankfully it’s staying true to the ideas of the original, that being that they have a young cast of unknown actors and actresses, which is a refreshing break from the Zach Efrons of American TV! And the young talent is involved in the writing of the show as well, which will inevitably make it more realistic and easier to relate to. Past US remakes of British shows haven’t been very successful, but even after its practically line by line knock off of a trailer maybe the US version of Skins will be as successful as The office. Here is hoping!

It will definitely be one to watch, hopefully for its quality, if not then to mock and critically analyse! It has also been confirmed that the Skins movie is going to go ahead and will hit the big screen in summer 2011.

There is also speculation that the two casts will be joined together for the movie, although this has not yet been confirmed. It is for sure a very exciting rumour, and whispers say that the actors and actresses would be more than happy to do this! But an awfully high standard is to be expected from the movie, especially since the die-hard fans are already distressed at the notion of the US version hitting the small screen so soon. Now that it has been snatched by a tsunami sized wave of commercialisation, 2011 is shaping up to be a very interesting year for Skins fans. Stay tuned.

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