Sounds filled my ears, piercing the silence,

Rushing blood to my head, and awakening

Senses which lay dormant, peaked to explode

In a fury of love and hate and recklessness.

Can you hear the sound of silence?

Of Fear? And dim hum of a ventilation machine?

The grieving of an acquaintance sitting distraught

At what the future will behold.

Thoughts filled my head- How? Why?

Dropping and flowing through the

Conscious river on tides of desolation

Lapping at the banks of broken dreams.

But its not the sound of silence or

The constant muted void which proves

Itself a completed recollection to me,

It was my job. My words.

Her face and tears when

I broke the news on that cold September day

A day she’s never escape, always scream about.

And my life seemed to stop for a moment

Before her tears became fountains of woe

And everything I’d done or said

The false ideas of hope

Were washed away in the river of tears.

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