Dream on

John Barker

Entertainments Editor

Reality. Something which so many of us have become so far detached from. Then again, this then begs the question of what reality really is. Perhaps it is something which no-one can define to the specificity which we may be looking for. ‘Reality is everything which is real’, maybe, but if we are to accept that then we must also acknowledge that dreams are without purpose and ultimately unreal.

‘Unreal’, it’s a word which I’ve been using quite a lot recently. However, it is always in the context of something which undeniably is real. It was something in which I sparked an interest after reading Map, or Margaret’s, editorial last week regarding the pursuit of happiness. The title alone got me thinking about what makes me happy, which when asked I would probably freeze and respond the most unimaginative answers.

Over the past week, spare thoughts have drifted to this question. Generally speaking I am always a positive person, or at least try to be and I am always extremely grateful for anything that goes my way. Whether it’s the green man on those lights by Merchants Quay when I’m running for a train, or the votes in a ‘Best Costume’ competition, I never take anything for granted and acknowledge how grateful I really am. This then gives evidence against ‘reality being everything which is real’. Indeed as I run, rather walk quickly, to catch the train I really wish that the green man is there or that there isn’t a little woman with suitcases taking up the entire street and when it goes as I wish… ‘Unreal!’

Going back to the thread about reality, I began looking at this with regard to celebrities. To us their lives are unreal; perfect hair, perfect smile, and perfect bank accounts. However to them it is all very real I’m sure. It is however, those select few who expose their lives to us as something that aren’t all that far from our reality, that gain my respect. This was inspired when I heard the recent news that Lily Allen had lost her baby. Now I find it difficult to sympathise with my friends at times over their little dramas and as for the news I am just too cold hearted to watch it, just as long as it doesn’t involve me. I also don’t see why I should go about my day worrying about the government or wars and the like, as I’m still going home to bed or Freakscene to party! However, when I heard Lily’s misfortune I actually felt really sad and a little bit rubbish on her behalf. Then asked myself why?

Lily Allen is one of those to have shown the public every side to her; her downfall and her recent putting herself back together. Settling down with a man, who is far from being a model-like figure that will almost definitely cheat on her, I was happy for her. I’m not gonna lie, I did think that she could’ve chosen better, like me for example, however I was happy that she had stopped herself from reaching the level of disaster at which you’d find the likes of Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears. Then came the baby news, followed by the Crystal Swing duet; she couldn’t possibly have settled down much more. Then last Monday, we heard the news and this relatable star broke my heart of stone, well I’ll go so far as to say she chipped it. Being a mere fan though there is nothing much I can do, only hope that she doesn’t go off the rails and also extend my sympathy to her via this editorial. Lily Allen, I love you!

Celebrities eh? How they manage to grip the lives of a nation. Reality is, we love it. Following actors, musicians and other such artists on and off screen is something we all love to do, just a little bit… Or a lot, depending on your level of sanity and obsession! The following pages bring to you further news on your ‘heroes’, from Hollywood to 1930’s Nazi Germany. It’s all inside. Sit back, relax and remove yourself from reality… But have a cup of Barry’s ready to bring you straight back.

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