The opening movement

Mike McCarthy describes the sometimes surprising variety and quality of Cork’s music scene.

As you gaze at this article just take a moment and think about our fine university and city and what she is famous for. Is it sporting success? Is it our own darling third level university? Or is it the thriving music scene that has been in this city for many a decade and is getting stronger with each stride it makes forward? The city is never short a tune and is famous for summer sessions like Live in the Marquee where one can see a variety of acts from American rapper Kanye West to the legendary Christy Moore. Other big acts played during the year in Cypress Ave such as Kele from Bloc party, now working on solo material. The Old Oak and the newly opened and refurbish Savoy also offers a wide range of musical acts. UCC has its own live music sessions from Trad Soc’s nights in the Spailpín Fánach to jamming sessions and open mic nights with Capriccio Society in Club Áras. So if you’re into the live music scene Cork has more than enough events to keep your thirst quenched.

Hopefully everyone has settled back into the student life well. All you Freshers are in for a serious treat. From my own experience the acts chosen for the Tramps Ball in Freshers week have always been good and if you’re not really the type for standing in droves looking at slightly anorexic indie rock bands, there’s plenty more on offer. If you want to hear something different from the annoying teenybopper tracks blasted by night club Djs, head to the Bróg on Oliver Plunket Street for some alternative songs on your college night out, or, visit Crane Lane for some classic indie tracks. One sure thing is that your nights out in Cork need not be dominated by night clubs although most people indulge themselves every once in a while!

Unlike most places in the country, Cork even offers a hip hop scene. Can any of you remember GMC’s breakthrough rap single Not Tonight which made number 12 in the charts in 2006? This was only a taste of the real talent brewing in this city. However the main connection of Cork and hip hop is through the YouTube phenomenon Grand Master Cash and Dr Feekinstein whose film “Steamin’+ Dreamin’ -The Grandmaster Cash Story” got a standing ovation at last year’s Cork Film Festival. This fantastic mockumentary on Cork hip-hop was matched by the comic raps written by the two rappers in this film. It’s great to see that even Cork people can laugh at themselves. And as far as I know they are making a new film which you should definitely check out.

So as you can see there is never a dull moment in Cork when it comes to music. Although Campus Picnic didn’t work out as planned last year I’m sure that lessons will be learned and that our Students’ Union will do their utmost to deliver a musical bonanza that will rock your socks. You can also look forward to Raise and Give week for live acts. In my own experience some of the best live sessions of music are delivered by all of our musical societies with DJ Soc, Capriccio and Trad Soc. Keeping your tabs on what’s going on with these societies is definitely worth the hassle because there is a wealth of musical talent within the confines of UCC and it’s a shame not to pay more attention to it and who knows, you might hear the next David Guetta, Coronas or Altan.

In the words or Aerosmith, “I don’t want to miss a thing” when it comes to live music in Cork. I’m going to do my best to keep you the reader of this fine Nuachtán up to speed with what’s going on in the city. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to read in this section feel free to email me at Signing out on my first piece as editor of the music section, I would like to wish you all the best in finding your desired music in Cork.

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