Look Mum, no hands!

Entertainments Editor

John Barker

Quite recently, I actually used that ‘I only have two hands’ excuse at home. It was not a proud moment of mine as I immediately joined the ranks of all irate mothers/housewives who become quite flustered around dinner time. The days of childhood bliss where we sought to have both hands free at any time, even as we cycled our little bikes or rode our first rollercoaster, were long gone. Nowadays I am more and more frequently finding myself in that famous pickle of having too little time!

It’s a stress, it really is. It’s also quite sad that because I’m hooked to certain TV shows and they have become like an unavoidable chore, forcing me to sit down and watch. No sooner have I watched this then I have a room to clean, a play to read, an essay to write or a pint to drink! This week in particular has been hectic beyond words but an absolute belter as well. Casting for my short play, then a night out, followed much too closely by the Journo Soc trip to London (for which I must thank our very own Catherine Dennehy for).

Upon flying back I hit Dublin to an absolutely fantastic Diana Vickers gig after which I took the earliest flight possible so I could make my exam! After which came another night out – to celebrate of course! Like I said: stress!

It was such a week that got me thinking. I, for the first time in my life, had to put my hands up and admit that I had bitten off more than I could chew, that’s to say that I had taken on much too much. It was worth it but ridiculous nonetheless. It was after reciting my story to a friend that they suggested one solution to me. It’s a solution of pure genius and one which I would implore everyone to take on. Quite simply the solution was to do five things today that would make tomorrow easier.

Nothing difficult about that really is there? No there isn’t, just so long as you can motivate yourself to do these five things in the first place. Motivation is often something I can struggle with, or at least it is at 12 o’clock at night when I finally get to stop the day’s activities. However, I mustered up a little and took on this new method, which sounds great but would it prove to be? I shan’t lie; my five things were incredibly minute, including laying out my clothes for the morning.

Yet in such an action, I saved myself a significant amount of time as there was no last minute scramble for socks, or the indecisiveness of whether to go with jeans or to slob it out in some form of tracksuit bottoms. I also merely read the essay titles for my upcoming essays, which then left them fresh in my mind for the following day, allowing me to enter the contemplation stage with yet another two weeks to go.

Conclusion: a success! Keeping diaries and making schedules are things that have never worked in my life completely lacking of organisation. This may indeed be just the ticket. Already it has granted me the time to go and see a play and to have an early night; the possibilities are proving to be just endless… Who knows, I may even pop along to a movie, perhaps I’ll go and see Haz in his new film! Or better still I may actually watch XFactor live rather than the recorded show when I get the chance. Win!

Now I am in no way able to juggle but this metaphorical juggling is improving daily so I encourage you too to give it a go! Grab yourself a couple of balls, or alternatively apples and oranges will work as a substitute, and get juggling! Then enjoy becoming the ring master to the circus of your life!

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