Tyndall Institute and Intel announce 3-Year research agreement.

UCC’s Tyndall National Institute and Intel Corporation, the world’s largest computer processor manufacturer, have announced a $1.5 million agreement to establish a joint research initiative. The programme is scheduled to take place over the next three years with future collaborations also likely.

Julie Dorel of the Tyndall National Institute said the initial scope of the program will expand Intel’s research interests at Tyndall to include research in advanced devices, alternate materials to silicon, optical interconnects and atomic layer deposition techniques. Tyndall researchers will be working directly with counterparts from Intel’s research division on the development of these new products. As part of the agreement, Intel will hold a license to make use of technology developed through this programme commercially.

The Tyndall National Institute was established in 2004 and has achieved significant recognition in a relatively short period of time. As one of Ireland’s leading research institutes in the area of ICT (Information and Communications Technology), this announcement is being seen as a further endorsement of the quality of the research taking place at the Tyndall Institute. “A major multi-national like Intel can, and does, go anywhere and it would not be making this investment in Tyndall if it were not confident firstly that the quality of its outputs would stand-up with the best anywhere in the world and secondly that they would be highly exploitable.  Clearly, we are very grateful for the investment in our research, but we are also very grateful for this dual validation of Tyndall’s quality and relevance.“ Tyndall’s focus on industry-aligned research has helped it to distinguish itself in the international community and the institute is currently working with over 200 companies.

UCC’s relationship with Intel spans over 15 years since the Chemical and Electrical Engineering departments first collaborated with the corporation. Tyndall is already involved in a number of international research collaborations with the company. This agreement is Intel’s first of its kind in Ireland and one of only two such programmes in Europe.

Considering the current economic turmoil in the country, sizable investments such as this are a welcome reassurance of our value to major industry players.  Ms. Dorel said, “Ireland is gaining international recognition for our excellence in research and development. The country has come a huge distance in the last 15 years, largely as a result of the strategy set in the 1990s, which led directly to the Government’s investments in research and technology over the past decade, through the DETE, Science Foundation Ireland, the Higher Education Authority and Enterprise Ireland.  This has provided Ireland with state-of-the-art facilities, attracted world-class researchers and educated a critical mass of highly skilled people. “

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