About media at UCC:

UCC is very lucky to have a number of different strands of student media in operation in the University. We have a newspaper, magazine, online forum, radio station and tv station. All of the student media (with the exception of the tv station) come under the remit of the UCC Media Executive and receive funding from the body, which is funded directly by students. If you are interested in developing a new student medium for UCC and need advice, be it a new magazine, website etc. then please email media@uccsu.ie and we’ll do our best to help you.


CollegeNews.ie is the online home for all of UCC’s Student media. This includes the UCC Express, which is published bi-weekly and Motley, which is monthly.

UCC Express

UCC Express is the student newspaper of University College Cork.  The paper has a print run of over 3000 copies each fortnight. The paper has an independent editorial team, is written entirely by students and is published by the UCC Media Executive. It is run on a non-profit basis, funded by advertising revenue and distributed free of charge around the university campus. The UCC Express was named Ireland’s Oxygen Student Media Award winner in the category of Peoples Choice in 2007.

The Express is always looking for new writers, photographers, cartoonists, and graphic designers. If you are interested in getting involved with the UCC Express in any way you think you can, please email express@ucc.ie

Motley Magazine

Motley is UCC’s newest and award-winning student magazine published monthly during the academic year by the UCC Media Executive.  The 64 page full colour glossy magazine covers everything from News & Current Affairs to Arts and Entertainment to Lifestyle, Fashion & Health.
The magazine was awarded the UCC Society Innovation Award in 2007 and 2008 and was the recipient of UCC’s first Oxygen.ie Student Media Award for print media in UCC in 2007.

Motley is always looking for new people; if you would like to get involved in the magazine email your ideas and thoughts to the Editor at  editor@motley.ie