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The whipping boy

Using recent examples, Editor in Chief Daniel Lynch hopes to explore why gaming is the media scapegoat for societal problems, and where it perhaps began.

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The soul still burns: Difficulty in gaming

Alan O’Brien

Games being difficult was previously a given. Arcade games in particular tended to ramp up the difficulty as they progressed in order to keep gamers coming back for more.

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Review: Dead Space 2

Adam El Araby braves the horror to give you the verdict on EA’s latest release.

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Ahead of the game: Predictions for 2011

Adam El Araby imagines what’s to come in 2011 for the games industry.

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The Independent Games Festival

Rory McDonnell

Being the judgemental old codger that I am, I find myself more and more turning my nose up at mainstream games. They just don’t do it for me anymore. It seems to me that a corner has been turned in the gaming industry.

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Gayming Age – LGBT characters in gaming

Adam El Araby

Gamers are often accused of perhaps not being the most progressive, all-encompassing folks. A few minutes on Xbox Live is probably sufficient research to write an encyclopaedia of offensive phrases and probably discover some new ones too..

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Kinect: Innovation or end of an art form?

Adam El Araby – It’s hard to watch TV, read a magazine or even browse the web at the moment without being subjected to the ridiculous sight someone flailing their arms manically, jogging on the spot or rolling around the ground like a dog. What’s the cause of all this extraneous exertion?

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Hang the DJ Hero – The death of music games

With the recent news that Viacom are looking to sell Harmonix, the originators of the Guitar Hero series and current developers of Rock Band, it seems that the end may be coming for the Playing-Along-To-Music-With-Plastic-Instruments genre of games

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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty is the Goliath of the video game world. The series has sold millions of copies and catapulted itself from a solid World War II shooter to the sprawling multiplayer playground and Hollywood-style campaign that we know today. Call of Duty: Black Ops takes much of what made Modern Warfare 2 great and slightly expands and modifies it.

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The best glitches in gaming history

As anyone who’s been playing Fallout: New Vegas recently can attest, glitches in video games can be a pain. One minute you’re saving the wasteland, the next you’re stuck halfway inside a wall and no amount of jumping, crouching or analogue stick jigging can get you ou

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