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Sounds filled my ears, piercing the silence, Rushing blood to my head, and awakening Senses which lay dormant, peaked to explode In a fury of love and hate and recklessness. Can you hear the sound of silence? Of Fear? And dim hum of a ventilation machine? The grieving of an acquaintance sitting distraught At what […]

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Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed, April Its piano stands idly by the door Legend grows by the dormant key Someone to return and a song will play A Picture hangs over the fire With blotches of thick paint unevenly spread This heavy touch divides the room Waiters on the right side of simpering Mingle with cats preening and […]

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The Giant and the Little Princess

“Checkmate!” Alice crowed triumphantly. “You win yet again!” Henry smiled. “Shall we have another game then?” Alice shook her head and rummaged in her satchel, producing her love-worn copy of “Short Stories for Children

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Philip Saunders

The artist yelled in exhilaration, spinning the wheel from side to side as the silver convertible obeyed ruefully, like a melancholy horse.

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Dear Diary!

I struggled today. I really did. This whole ‘keeping it together’ thing just doesn’t seem to be working

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Philosopher’s ship

For Nikolai Lossky

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On the bus

I’m grasping at the gas lantern



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Dear everybody and nobody

If I were to eat any food while writing my suicide note I would choose a peeled and segmented orange. Served on one of my mother’s best saucers. The pieces would lie individually out, plump bellies down, not touchin

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